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"Thanks to your inspiration and tutelage I have completed more projects this year than in the last 5." - Bill Sharrow

What does my VIP Membership Include?

With your VIP Membership, you will receive instant access to the following:

Monthly Behind-the-Scenes Training 

Each month you'll join me for a behind-the-scenes training, where I take you on a deep dive into a project I'm working on in my studio. Past topics have included: Recording and mixing a guitar/vocal song demo for a songwriter client, mixing an entire song from start to finish, doing pre-production for an upcoming album project, and a 24-hour song challenge (where VIP members and I each recorded and finished a song, start-to-finish, in 24 hours). Oftentimes these trainings are streamed LIVE as well as recorded, so you'll have the opportunity to watch live and interact via chat as I work on that month's project!

The Behind-the-Scenes Training is the equivalent of being an intern at my studio. As soon as you join, you'll have instant access to the archive of Behind-the-Scenes Training videos, plus access to all future installments for as long as you are a member!

Monthly Mix Critiques

Every month I sit down and critique a bunch of VIP members' mixes. I live-stream and record the entire thing, so you can join live and get in on the critique action or watch it at your convenience. These critiques are done on a first-come, first-serve basis, and I get to as many as I can each month. (These usually last about an hour.)

This is a GREAT way to get outside feedback on your mixes AND to hear what other like-minded folks are producing in their home studios. I get inspired every time I sit down to do these.

As a member, you'll have access to the archive of mix critiques, going back several years.

The 'VIPer' Community

The HSC VIP Membership has been around since 2011. Early on members started calling themselves "VIPers." (What can I say, we're a quirky bunch.) 

One of the best things about being a VIPer is the community. The friendships and collaborations that have happened are very cool. We've had collaboration albums, mix contests, editing challenges, all sorts of cool stuff. 

As a VIPer, you'll have access to both the members-only forum and the Private VIP Facebook Group, two great ways to get involved in a community of like-minded music lovers.

The VIP Training Archives

The thing about running an online membership is this: as the years go on, you find yourself with a pretty impressive archive of content. As a member, you get FULL ACCESS to the VIP training archives as soon as you join. These videos date back to 2011, and I cover everything from 1-hour mixing challenges to tuning drums to mixing bass and getting clients.

While all that content can seem overwhelming, please don't be. Consider it a resource that will be there as soon as you need it. Want to know how to tune a snare drum? Pull up the video I shot with pro drummer Tim Horsley, where he breaks it down real nice. Want a behind-the-scenes look at my songwriting process? There's a video series for that. Struggling with sibilance in your vocal mixes? I've got you covered. 

I'm insanely biased, but this is the best collection of home studio training you will find anywhere. Period. And you get full access to it as soon as you join. For just 10 bucks.

50% DISCOUNT on my Other Courses?

If everything above wasn't enough, as a VIPer you'll get access to special discounts on all Home Studio Corner products. So if you want to dive deep into EQ and compression, you can get my flagship courses Understanding EQ and Understanding Compression for 50% off.

Seriously...what are you waiting for?

It's time to give a VIP membership a shot. With all the resources available inside the members area, there's no reason for you to not be cranking out incredible-sounding recordings and mixes in no time. Scroll to the top and pick a payment plan and LET'S GO.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay with Paypal?

No, currently the only form of payment we accept is credit card for all subscription payments.

Can I cancel any time I want?

Yes, of course. 

Are the videos available for download?

Some of them are, yes. The most recent ones, however, are streaming only. (But that makes sense, right? Think of it like Netflix, but cooler.)

Can you give me more examples of the topics covered in the training videos?

Sure! Here's a list of some of my favorites from the last few years:

  CD Release Concert Mix Session
 • Recording/Mixing Drums Q&A with Graham Cochrane
  Mastering Q&A with Ian Shepherd
 • Behind the Scenes of an Acoustic EP
  Interview with Professional Producer Brent Milligan
 • Online Collaboration with Travis Whitmore
  Understanding Reverb & Delay
 • Interview with Mix Engineer Kevin Ward
  Recording and Mixing a Live Concert
 • Interview with Ronan Chris Murphy
  46 Ways to Get New Clients
 • Client Interview: Kevin Blaine
  One Hour SM57 Challenge
 • Mixing Bass
  Lessons Learned from an All-Day Tracking Session
 • Programming MIDI Drums
  Getting Fantastic Background Vocals
 • Parallel Processing
  1-Hour Mix Session

...and those are just a few.

I hope you will consider joining. We can't wait to see you on the inside.

To better music,

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner