Acoustic Treatment Explained...

Your room is LYING to you…

Take notes from a professional acoustician and learn how to transform your studio from an acoustic MESS to a great-sounding room.

Joe Gilder,
Founder, Home Studio Corner
Nashville, TN


Dear Home Studio Owner,

When you read the words acoustic treatment, what comes to mind? A few pieces of foam slapped up on the wall?

What if I hired you to acoustically treat my home studio, would you know where to start? Or would you put the treatment up so that they “look pretty”? :-)

I’ll be the first to admit, room acoustics can be a daunting subject. So much so that a lot of people simply ignore it.

What about you? Do you have acoustic treatment in your studio? Do you know where to put it to maximize results? Or perhaps you don’t really believe it will make a noticeable difference in the quality of your mixes? That’s understandable, but it’s not true.

My Personal Story

I recorded in my home studio for years without having any acoustic treatment. Sure, I knew I was supposed to have it, but I thought it was one of those luxuries that would look nice on the walls but would only make a tiny difference in the sound quality of my recordings.

I was dead wrong.

Finally I broke down and bought a $100 box of foam panels, nothing fancy. I put some up behind my studio monitors and on the side walls (to the left and right of my mix position). That’s it. No bass traps. No fancy diffusors.

I couldn’t believe the difference.

As soon as I started listening to music in my new, “acoustically treated” room, I noticed an immediate improvement to the sound. Suddenly I had a wider stereo image. I could hear so much more detail. I could easily pick out the different instruments in the stereo field (something that was very difficult to do before).

"Why did it take you this long?" I wondered to myself.

I’ll tell you why. I didn’t know what I was missing. My mixes didn’t sound amazing, but I just thought it was because of my abilities as an engineer. I couldn’t hear much detail in my monitors, but I thought it was because I didn’t have good ears.

Here’s the truth: Your room is lying to you. The sound that comes out of your speakers is not the same sound that reaches your ears. It’s physics. As the sound bounces around your room, it is dramatically altered.

Stop the guessing game

Have you ever done an internet search for acoustic treatment? Did it turn into hours of reading forum posts and differing opinions, only to walk away MORE confused than when you started?

Yeah, me too.

That’s why I asked my friend (a professional acoustician) for help. Together we’ve put together a series of killer videos to answer your questions and help you finally get a handle on your room’s acoustics.

What is Understanding Your Room?

Understanding Your Room was a 3-part recorded webinar series where you'll learn:

  • The ins and outs of acoustics and acoustic treatment. Acoustic treatment doesn’t have to be a mystery.
  • Why you need acoustic treatment. We’ll go in-depth into the real, practical reasons you desperately need acoustic treatment in your studio.
  • How to use acoustic treatment. We’ll give you straight-forward advice on how to BEST use acoustic treatment to maximize the sound of your studio.

The entire series was recorded, and we’re making those recordings available to you today.

Who are we?

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner

My name is Joe Gilder. I’m a recording engineer in Nashville, TN. You may know as the founder of the popular home recording website, where I help thousands of home studio owners like yourself get better recordings.

Like so many recording engineers today, I record the majority of my tracks from my home studio, so I know full well all of the acoustical issues recording from home presents.

I’ve also learned how to maximize my space AS IS, using a combination of recording techniques and acoustic treatment to get quality recordings out of my home studio.

Gavin Haverstick
Haverstick Designs

Gavin Haverstick is the owner of Haverstick Designs, a full-service acoustical consulting firm specializing in architectural acoustics. His degree is in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University with a focus in robotics. Gavin is an accomplished musician and has always had a passion for music and quality sound.

Before Haverstick Designs was founded, Gavin worked for Auralex Acoustics as Regional Manager and Lead Acoustical Engineer for 9 years. Auralex Acoustics is a leading manufacturer of acoustical treatment products ranging from sound quality control devices (absorption, diffusion, bass trapping) to sound transmission control products (construction materials).

Gavin has been involved in the acoustical analysis of over 4,500 challenging spaces including recording studios, houses of worship, home theaters, gymnasiums, restaurants, conference rooms, edit suites and industrial facilities. Prominent projects include: Digidesign Headquarters, Ringo Starr Home Studio, Berklee College of Music, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Studio Center Miami, Klipsch Loudspeakers, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Apple Computers, Fender Museum, Flashpoint Academy Chicago, and numerous others.

Gavin has also been a featured writer in industry magazines including Mix, Luxury CE, InAVate, Sound & Communications, Technologies for Worship, Performing Songwriter, EQ, among others. He has given training seminars at events around the country focusing on topics such as Acoustics for Houses of Worship, Recording Studio Design, and Acoustical Testing Methods. Gavin is featured in the DVD instructional video by Alan Parsons titled “The Art and Science of Sound Recording” and has been a guest lecturer on acoustics at Purdue University, Indiana University, University of St. Francis and Butler University.

What’s Included With My Purchase?

As an Understanding Your Room customer, you’ll get access to the recordings of all three live trainings (over 6 hours of content!).

What does each section cover, you ask?

Session #1 – Acoustic Treatment Overview

During this first session, Gavin walks you through everything you need to know about acoustics and acoustic treatment.

We discuss the following topics in-depth:

  • Acoustic Properties
  • Absorption
  • Diffusion
  • Bass Trapping
  • Room Modes
  • Flutter Echo
  • …and much more.

Session #2 – Practical Application

After laying the foundation in Session #1, we take a methodical look into how to take that knowledge and apply it to your recording space. You’ll receive real, actionable advice on how to treat your room.


  • Low cost tips and tricks to improve your room
  • Review helpful online resources on room acoustics
  • Review of common mistakes people make in their room
  • And a lot more…

Session #3 – REAL Case Study

This is really exciting. One lucky member of the original Understanding Your Room live class received a free custom room analysis from Gavin himself.

In Session #3, we’ll pick apart this room analysis, telling you why Gavin made the decisions he did. You’ll get to see exactly how a professional acoustician would treat a home studio just like yours. This is an invaluable chance to look over Gavin’s shoulder as he designs a custom plan for treating a room.

“the most informative product about room acoustics”


Just want to say thank you very much for Understanding Your Room. This is the most informative product about room acoustics I have ever seen.

I am so grateful to you and Gavin for making this available. I learned a lot. It finally felt like sitting in the room with people, that know their stuff.

Thanks again.

Lukas K.

How Understanding Your Room Will Help You

One of the most frustrating parts of learning acoustic treatment is getting a straight answer from someone. You can ask your question in an online forum, but you probably won’t find the answer you’re looking for. As a member of UYR, you’ll get to hear how Gavin and Joe answer the most common acoustic treatment questions.

You’ll walk away from Understanding Your Room with the confidence to treat your studio, without worrying that you’re wasting your time and money. We’ll help you learn how to maximize your room.

A better-sounding, acoustically-treated room will absolutely yield better recordings. There’s no doubt about it.

BONUS! Audio and Slides!

In addition to the video recordings of each session, you’ll also get the audio (mp3) versions, so you can listen in your car, while you work out, whatever makes you happy.

AND you’ll receive a PDF copy of all the presentation slides Gavin used during the sessions. You’ll get to see all the graphs, specs, designs, etc. An awesome value!

Ready to join?

To review, your membership to Understanding Your Room will include:

  • Access to the video and audio recordings
  • PDF slides from Gavin's presentation
  • LIFETIME access to any future bonus material (for FREE)

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“But Joe, won’t people take advantage of you?”

Eh, maybe. But we're so convinced that Understanding Your Room will bring massive improvement to your music over the next year, we're guaranteeing it.


I hope you'll seriously consider buying Understanding Your Room today. It has already helped thousands of people, and I guarantee it'll help you.

Thank you!

Joe Gilder & Gavin Haverstick