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Attention: Home Studio Owners Looking for Great-Sounding Mixes:
"Learn How to Smoothly and Seamlessly Edit Your Tracks Into That Polished Sound You're Looking For"

You work so hard on your recordings, spending hours tracking, mixing, and mastering your recordings. What’s missing? EDITING.

Your mixes sound pretty good, but the timing just isn’t as tight as you wish it was. You’d like to fix some of these issues, but you’re just not sure how.

YOU are the reason I put together Understanding Editing, 3.5 hours of video tutorials where you get to watch me edit and "pocket" my own recordings, and take them from sounding good to sounding GREAT.

PLUS, you’ll receive the audio files from the videos, so you can practice your editing immediately…on the same tracks!

Who am I?

My name is Joe Gilder, and I run the recording website HomeStudioCorner.com, where I provide TONS of free training on home recording. I’ve been a recording engineer for almost 10 years, and I live in Nashville, TN.

"Why would I want to edit my tracks?"

As a recording engineer, you’re creating a product. Your job is to make that product (recording) sound as good as you possibly can. All musicians play out of time occasionally. When that happens, you have two options:

1. You can leave it alone.
2. You can fix it, and make the recording sound better.

Some people have a real issue with using editing to “fix” tracks. They think it’s cheating. I disagree.

I’m a musician as well, and I’m not ashamed to say I’m actually a really good musician. That said, I regularly make mistakes, like playing out of time with the drums. Sometimes I can record a take over and over and over, and the timing is still a little off.

What do I do? I use the editing techniques that I’ll show you in these videos to correct the performance. Do I think it’s cheating? Absolutely not. I’m not making myself a better musician by editing. Editing bad performances will still result in bad-sounding music.

However, fixing a few mistakes in a good performance just makes sense. I view my editing as helping the tracks sound like I intended for them to sound, not change the performance entirely.

Here It For Yourself

Don’t just take my word for it. Listen to these sample clips. I played most of the instruments you’re hearing, and it sounds good, but things are just a little bit sloppy:

Then I went back through the song and edited the guitars and bass to be more in-time with the drums, and here’s the result:

(Listen specifically to how tight the guitars, bass, and drums sound in the edited version vs the raw version.)

Pretty awesome, right? Here’s what a few of my readers had to say when they heard those clips:

“Wow. That’s all I can say. Wow.”

“Proof positive that editing and mixing go hand and hand these days. Sometimes a little editing sonically makes everything sound better. Groove aside… it sounds better.”

I didn’t change the intent or the sound of the recordings dramatically, I just made them better. That’s EXACTLY how I wanted those guitar parts to sound, and I was able to achieve it through editing.

And I can teach YOU how to do that inside my Understanding Editing program.

What's Included?

With your purchase of Understanding Editing, you’ll receive (via instant download/streaming):

7 High-Def Tutorial Videos

1. What is editing? – You’ll learn what editing is and why we should all become masters at it. (13 minutes)

2. Simple Editing - Sometimes editing simply involves getting rid of noises, pops, clicks, etc. in the audio. You’ll learn to go about it with both non-destructive and destructive editing techniques. (19 minutes)

3. Drums – You’ll watch me edit a recorded drum kit and learn how to maintain a good feel while still tightening up the drummer’s timing. (48 minutes)

4. Bass - Bass guitar might be my favorite thing to edit. You can radically transform a recording with just a little bass editing. I’ll show you how. (37 minutes)

5. Acoustic Guitar - In this video I’ll show you how to make an acoustic guitar recording play nicely with a tight drum loop. The finished song grooves like crazy. (40 minutes)

6. Electric Guitar - I’ll show you exactly how I edited the electric guitars in the audio clips above. The song goes from big to HUGE pretty quickly. (27 minutes)

7. Vocals – Vocals sometimes need to be edited, too. I’ll show you how I take a vocal with poor timing and make it usable without drastically changing the performance. (25 minutes)
ALL the Audio Files from the Videos – Yep, everything you see me do in the videos, you can do on your own system, since I’m giving you the EXACT SAME audio files.

When you’re learning how to master a new skill, you need to SEE how someone else does it, then you need to PRACTICE it yourself. That’s why I’m giving you all of the audio files. You’ll have no problem getting the same results as me in no time.


"Yeah, those videos are priceless. I just pocketed some drums from a session I did over the weekend, and though it was a great performance, the editing just tightened up everything and made it that much better. It took me 10 years of recording to finally learn this important step in the process."

- Nathan

You Owe it to Your Recordings

Before you go buy another microphone or another plug-in bundle, think about how you can incorporate editing into your production process. Editing is a FREE tool that you can do inside of any recording software. It doesn’t require you to buy more gear, but it can have MASSIVE effects on the sound and quality of your recordings.

Ready to Become an Editing Master? Those Tracks?
Order Now for Only $47

Ridiculous 365-Day Guarantee

Your Order is 100% Risk Free.

You have a FULL 365 DAYS to see drastic improvements in the quality of your recordings and mixes as a result of applying this training, or you can request a FULL REFUND.

OR...if you don't want a refund, I'll buy you a gift card to your audio retailer of choice for the price you paid for Understanding Editing. How's that for a guarantee?

Enjoy the videos, and have fun making better recordings!

Joe Gilder

P.S. These videos are available for both streaming and download, and they’re yours to keep…forever.

P.P.S. Don’t forget, there’s absolutely no risk to you. If you don’t like them, let me know within the first YEAR, and I’ll be glad to issue a full refund. (And we can still be friends.) :-)